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Ongoing advising to CEO on all aspects of the company’s organizational effectiveness, leadership, talent development, and
management of people.
Quotes from:    CEO, biotech company    
How we innovated
"Peter is a great problem solver and a great listener.  
He is a person of high integrity.  He also brings just the
He balances an emphasis on strategy with practical
focus on operations.  Peter understands that ‘we are
the way we are’ and yet he creates momentum for
McLoughlin Consulting’s Value Added:
"Peter is a company builder.  He knows what a
company needs to do and what its leaders need to do.  
But what is most unusual is that he always approaches
issues from the perspective of what the business is
trying to do.  With Peter you don’t get generic leadership
or team stuff.  Your solutions always relate to the
business priorities, and fit the situation exactly.  As a
result, our work on leadership effectiveness has gained
traction with our managers and employees."
Designed and facilitated debriefing sessions  (on a regulatory submission) to capture and apply learnings.
Quotes from:    Vice President, Program Management, pharmaceutical company
How we innovated
"What was different about our approach, compared with
similar work I've seen, was the way that Peter devised
schemes to keep the communication open, messages
articulated on the spot.  By the end of the day, we had a
tangible (albeit electronic) work product that captured a
format that was easily approachable by any
follower-on.  In many places, and with many other
facilitators, this would have been a six month project.  
We don't have that kind of time, and Peter had the
skills and creativity to come up with a better way. "
McLoughlin Consulting’s Value Added:
"The benefit of collaborating with Peter on this was that
he brought a fresh set of experienced eyes, was
rigorous in thought, clear in communication, and
challenged us to view the issues from a new vantage
point each time.  Importantly, we came away at the end
with that satisfying feeling that we had worked through to
actions/solutions that make sense for our organization.  
There was no formula or boilerplate answer being thrust
at us, as so often can happen. "
Designed a strategic off site for technology systems organization and facilitated the meeting.
Quotes from:    Department Heads, IT
How we innovated
"What was different about our approach compared with
similar work I’ve seen was (1) the ability to quickly
understand our culture and dynamics, (2) the frank,
objective outside perspective that Peter was able and
willing to provide, and (3) the variety of methods he
suggested to understand and address our real issues
and opportunities, including on-the-fly during the offsite"

"Peter was a catalyst for illuminating deep seated
issues that keep our organization from being 'all that it
can be."' This was not an explicit part of our work
together.  Rather it emerged out of our interactions with
Peter in planning and executing our off site meeting."
McLoughlin Consulting’s Value Added:
drive to get the organization past the broad somewhat
vague discussion level to the point where we could
create executable action plans"

"At one point, as we began discussing, with growing
complexity,  a plan of how to achieve a goal,  you gave
us your observations that we could 'just do it,' that
leaders in this situation could just move forward and act,
instead of waiting to create a corporate program.  For
me, that was a liberating moment."  
Co-designed various customized, action-learning programs for executives, presentations for national conferences, and
intensive management programs.
Quotes from:    Colleagues: President, small leadership consulting firm; and Independent Management Consultant
  • "His incredible insight into what matters most in terms
    this program is not just about teaching new skills and
    tools to new managers, it is about helping them
    transform from individual contributor to manager.
  • Peter builds partnership by freely sharing knowledge,
    ideas, experiences and tools and respecting the
    knowledge, ideas, experiences and tools that his
    partners bring to the table. He always keeps the client’
    s needs in sight, and peels beneath the stated
    problem or solution to ensure that the real issue is
    being uncovered and addressed.
  • Unique approaches and concepts that focus on
    changing a mindset, not just teaching tools and skills
  • Peter is an easy partner to collaborate with because
    he encourages creativity and is completely
    comfortable with experimenting with new ideas."
   ( continued )
  • "Peter is a strong and articulate presenter willing to take
    a controversial or provocative position to facilitate
    managers’ thinking about their role and approach to
    their work. Peter’s diversity and breadth of corporate
    experience from start-up to mature companies makes
    him a seasoned and trusted advisor.
  • Peter is an innovative thinker; he creates models that
    simplify complex concepts and problems, giving
    managers new insights that help them tackle the
    challenges they face.
  • Peter is always one step ahead anticipating the problem
    or challenge and creating ideas of how to address
Designed company processes for performance management and career development custom-fit to the unique culture of the new
Quotes from:    CEO, new pharmaceutical company
How we innovated
"What was different about our approach, compared with
similar work I’ve seen, was . . .  the extent to which we
created instruments, instructional materials and
seminars that successfully established the self-
assessment as the centerpiece of the performance
management process, as befits our company culture. "
McLoughlin Consulting’s Value Added:
"The benefit of collaborating with Peter on this was that
he immediately “got” what I was trying to accomplish at
a high strategic level and rapidly translated this into
materials and processes that were not only consistent
with, but further enhanced our strategic cultural goals.
Organizational Effectiveness
McLoughlin Consulting
Enhance leadership capabilities for top leaders across all functions at a fully integrated bio-pharmaceutical company.
Quotes from:    President of the business division    
How we innovated
“Peter took what could be a dauntingly complex goal
where the measure of success could be difficult and
made it into a project that was fit for purpose and
exactly on target with our needs. Peter designed a step-
by-step program and incorporated into each step short
tutorials and business-related exercises that quickly
and directly addressed our specific leadership needs.
The program was designed to address individual
leadership needs as well as team capabilities. He took
the time to truly understand what was going on in our
organization before making his proposal. Throughout
the program Peter was able to adapt the next steps of
implementation by watching closely the evolution and
dynamics at each session and reflecting on these with
organization. His method allowed us to define our time
keeping our business imperatives in mind. The reason
Peter can do this so well is that he himself is a quick
study of the business and can relate where it’s going
with the people assets. Peter keeps everyone
accountable for their engagement and proposed
solutions during a program. His personal values of trust
& openness,and his interactive, action-oriented style
were just right for our dynamic, fast-moving
A Michigan conference with Noel Tichy on principles of
Leadership Learning influenced how I think about this
topic; with Peter we were actually doing it."