• Ongoing advising relationships with executives (CEO,
    General Manager, COO, VP) on organizational
  • Design and facilitation of senior team work sessions &
    retreats on strategy, operations,  specific initiatives,
    lessons learned.
  • Design and facilitation of all-company retreats and
    large-organization off-sites
  • Improvement projects with cross-functional drug
    development teams including team-specific survey
    feedback, action planning, and workshops/work
  • Design and facilitation of management training &
    leadership workshops.
  • Design and implementation of systems for talent
    management, career development and performance
  • Guidance on productivity improvement projects and
    reward systems.
  • Design of company-specific career ladders.
  • Presentation of 1-hour or 2-hour workshops
    (workMAPS) on varied  aspects of employee
  • Executive 360° feedback process and facilitation
  • Creation and facilitation of peer-coaching program
  • Advice to HR leaders on strategies for organizational
    improvement and increasing HR influence.
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